Newly Released Wines

We’ve just released a lively and fruity 2020/2021 Sauvignon Blanc, the bright and citrusy 2021 Chardonnay, a 2020 Merlot, which is a malbec lover’s dream, and our 2020 Proprietary Red Blend. Harrow Cellars wines can be purchased at Sonoma’s Best Wine Shop and Sonoma Cheese Factory, and are exclusively served at Folktable Catering events in Sonoma, CA.

A Bottle of Harrow Cellars Red Wine On A Bar With Flowers

The birthplace of
California zinfandel

Tucked into the verdant southern foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains, Harrow Cellars is an emerging Sonoma winery and estate vineyard. In the experienced hands of Angelina Mondavi, the old vine Zinfandel on the estate will be revitalized and re-engineered to produce wines that are at once familiar and innovative.


The 15-acre estate vineyard has historic roots in Sonoma County and played a significant role in defining and popularizing Zinfandel. Now, Angelina Mondavi carries on the legacy of these same old vines under the mantle of Harrow Cellars. The winery draws inspiration from the beauty and abundance of Sonoma, revels in the region’s heritage of gracious hospitality, and celebrates a crown jewel in Sonoma’s viticultural history.

entrance of the harrow cellars winery in the heart of sonoma

Angelina Mondavi sitting on some wine barrels holding a glass of wine in her hand

Angelina Mondavi

Hailing from a family revered for its key role in the development of California wine country, Angelina Mondavi has partnered with Harrow Cellars to revitalize this iconic Sonoma vineyard.

Angelina began her career at the age of ten, assisting the lab manager at Charles Krug. After graduating from Villanova University with a major in chemistry, she worked lab and harvest positions in Napa Valley and Barossa Valley. While in Australia, she earned a master’s degree in oenology from the University of Adelaide.

Since then, Angelina has lent her talent and expertise to a wide range of prestigious wine labels. Now, she is helping to preserve the historic old vine Zin of Harrow Cellars, leveraging the estate’s potential while overseeing all the vineyards and winery operations within Sonoma’s Best Hospitality Group, which includes Cornerstone Sonoma, Ramekins Catering Kitchen, Georgette, Dirty Girl Donuts, Cottage Inn and Spa and Sonoma’s Best Modern Mercantile.